Cancellation Ortler Bike Marathon

The organising committee reluctantly cancels the Ortler Bike Marathon with the following communication from the association’s president, Ulrich Veith:

To all friends of the Ortler Bike Marathon,

the Ortler Bike Marathon 2022 was a special marathon for our group and all participants. After two difficult years, we started with a new CO chief, a new venue and new routes. And once again we were thrilled with the magnificent view of the Ortler and the upper Vinschgau all the way to Nauders.

In 2014, some cycling enthusiasts from the Vinschgau valley had the idea of organising a mountain bike marathon. A year later, the first marathon started in Glorenza, followed by four more.
Now, with the new venue, the tasks and challenges have increased and unfortunately the members of the organising committee have decreased.

Our COs is no longer able to continue to manage this enormous effort on a voluntary basis. Without professional management, we are unfortunately unable to organise the competition.

We have therefore decided that the Ortler Bike Marathon 2023 will not take place.

We thank you for your participation in the Ortler Bike Marathon and for your support.

Greetings from the Vinschgau,

the president
Ulrich Veith